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July 8, 2017

Charvi Jain is not just a therapist. She has been my saviour and now is my life line and anchor, keeping me from wandering across that thin line into insanity. I discovered my mind plays tricks on me a few years ago plunging me into the depths of darkness and lifting me into dizzying euphoric highs. It all came to a head when stresses at work and at home collided and my mind caved in leading to my first episode. The psychosis that I experienced, I can't bring myself to remember, let alone describe in any detail. It's a painful nightmare, that I lock away as it fills me with terror and shame. Am grateful to have family and friends who stood with me and saw me through to the other side despite my absurd conduct.

To temper down the episode, I was immediately carted off to see a psychiatrist who put me on pills, sedatives and mood suppressants that numbed my mind and led me to sleep through days on end. Another tragedy followed and I found myself gaining weight rapidly, binge eating. I knew...

April 7, 2017

I know that depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and many other illnesses of the mind are still a stigma in our society . The moment you take the name of a psychologist in your home, it’s like a “silence bomb” has been dropped. Nobody wants to talk about it. And after a long moment of silence, the usual stereotypical comments start coming your way –

“Why, are you mad?”

“It’s all in your head”

“Just chill, it’s not that big a deal”

“Just snap out of it”


“Let’s go to GOA man, you’ll forget about all this bullshit”

“Psychologists ke paas sirf pagal jaate hai” (“Psychologists?!  Aren’t they for screwheads?”)

“Log kya kahenge!!” (“People will call you a lunatic!!”)

And so on…

I wish people realized that no matter how irrational the situation might sound to them, it’s actually a very real feeling for the person going through it. And the more you suppress the situation, the more it increases.

I wish more people understood that mind is the most important organ of our body. If there is some c...

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Expectations: to have or not?

April 6, 2018

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