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Our workshops and seminars are aimed at enhancing people’s understanding on the themes that are the building blocks of a positive mental health. Participants learn about simple and readily implementable ways through which they can boost their social and personal well being. 

While the most of the concepts that are dealing with are universal to all human beings, but differences in life circumstances bring about significant variations in how these concepts apply and unfold in each individuals lives. Our content is developed keeping in mind the life stages of the participants. Every stage comes with its unique demands and rewards, and we keep our programs relevant to that so that the participants can make the most of what we have to offer.

So far we have conducted a number of workshops for schools, colleges, corporates, and other social organizations. To name a few - Round Table India, Institute of Company Secretaries, Bank of Baroda, NUJS, St. Xaviers School, The Heritage School, Times of India, Nestle. 


If you'd like us to conduct a webinar or a workshop for your organization, just drop a mail at or call us on 9830072006.

For Individuals, Organizations, Clubs, Corporates, Students


Win mastery over yourself by training your mind to think healthy, gain confidence by improving your feelings of self-worth, learning to fight back adversity and emerge stronger. Enhance your social skills, learn to communicate more effectively, familiarise yourself with diversity and rebuild ways of coping with anger. Through this journey, we help you make discoveries about yourself and make the changes you desire. Some of the common themes on which we conduct workshops under this head are: 

• Building Self Esteem

• Thinking Healthy

• Building Resilience

• Social Skills Building

• Being Diversity Friendly

• Effective Communication

• Anger Management

For corporates, college students, other organizations


A wide range of resources to help individuals deal better with concerns that they may be experiencing at work or in their personal lives. Work and family role demands placed on individuals 

may at times lead to some inter-role conflict. Learn ways to ease this pressure and improve your ability to combine the two to achieve an acceptable balance-point. Manage demands and stress by altering ways of responding to inevitable and necessary demands. Our emotion-focused and problem-focused interventions are designed to enhance health and performance at work while averting the costs and discomfort of distress. Find ways to squeeze out optimal efficiency and satisfaction out of a given 24-hr and overcome the need to defer actions or tasks for later.

Emerging adulthood comes with overwhelming instability and too many choices to make. Gain a sense of direction and focus, learn ways to tackle social pressure while not losing sight of personal aspirations and develop skills to make the most of the new found independence. The common topics under this head are:

• Worklife Balance

• Managing Stress

• Managing Emotions

• Time management & Fighting Procrastination

• Quarter Life Crisis: Exploration

For school-going children


Adolescence is a transitional period of human development characterised by drastic changes. Ranging from changes in physical appearance, things which made one happy earlier seem uninteresting now, finding oneself drawn to newer people, familiar people drifting away or even an overall feeling of uncertainty. These new development have far-reaching consequences in ones life and too much of it together at once can evoke cry strong emotions. Lack of prior experience with such matters and an absence of adequate resources within oneself adds to the challenge. But this is a time of challenge as well as opportunities. Our workshops are designed to help these individuals come to terms with their individuality, address the confusion and be confident individuals. Here are some of the themes that we can address:

  • Positive Body Image

  • Identity Development - Exploring conflicts

  • Good Touch Bad Touch - psycho-education on puberty

  • Growing-up Global

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