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Life is better when you talk about it..

Therapists from the best institutes of the country

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100% confidentiality assured

Non judgemental 
& Inclusive practice

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About us

A little about us..

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Over a Cup of Tea is a one of its kind Psychological Wellness Centre having a Pan India presence. Our USP lies in our distinct approach towards therapy. We follow a systemic lens, where in we prefer to look at our clients' problems within their context before jumping onto label and diagnose. We listen to the narratives rather than focusing on the 'symptoms' and work on empowering the clients with deeper understanding of themselves and their issues, and leaving them with healthier coping mechanisms.

Our therapy rooms are designed like a living room set up, having a warm and cozy ambience so our clients feel utmost safe and comfortable to share their issues. We want to send out a message that seeking therapy is for everyone and is as 'normal' as meeting someone 'Over a Cup of Tea.'

Our team comprises of qualified and passionate mental health professionals from the best institutes of the country, wishing to combine the psychological training with our instinct for compassion and empathy in providing personalised care for the clients. 

Our sessions facilitate in resolving conflicts, enabling decision making and in promoting personal growth. Be it mild mood swings, or severe distress, Over a Cup of Tea takes you through a journey of self discovery, insight and peace.

So next time you think you need someone to talk to, a safe space to explore and gain more insights, you can come in here without a thought for a non-judgemental and confidential, over-a-cup-of-tea talk with one of our qualified and experienced psychologists. 

Therapists on our team:

Other professionals on our team:

Clinical Psychologist

For diagnosis, assessments, and for mental health needs that are more clinical in nature, this is the professional for you. 


Want to explore if medicines can help you better with your mental health? A psychiatrist is the professional you are looking for. 

Nutritionist & Fitness Expert

Body & Mind are strongly connected. If you need help with nutrition, diet, or want to be more fit physically, here you go.


Our Services include..

Therapy & Consultation

for individuals, couples & families

Wellness Workshops

for educational institutes, corporates, social enterprises

Customised therapy packages for corporates

for employee mental health

Training and internships

for budding psychologists, freshers, practitioners

Psychometric Assessments

for insight building and self awareness of individuals and groups 

To know more about any of our services, email us on

Feedback from our clients..

"I never thought that therapy could help me so much. It's been transformative. Had I not booked an appointment with her, I would still be dealing with so many of these issues which I couldn't understand how to in the first place place. She guided me through all of my problems and taught me how to cope with the things around me. Just one of the better choices of my life. Life can be so much better only if we put a little effort into making it so. Everybody in their clinic is super friendly which adds up to a very comfortable setting for counselling. I'm still going through therapy and will probably visit her twice a year after this, the same way I visit a physician for a check-up. Help is given here to those who seek it."


—  Siddharth Ghosh, for psychologist Charvi Jain

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